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Testo 330 Flue Gas Analyser

The future of Flue Gas Analysis has arrived with our comprehensive advanced analyser for the domestic and commercial heating engineer.

In the Testo 330-1 LL, the follow-on costs for the user are greatly reduced by the extended sensor life of up to 6 years for O2 and CO. At least one sensor replacement is avoided during the typical duration of use of the instrument.

In addition to this, Testo gives a warranty of 4 years on the complete instrument (testo 330-1 LL incl. O2 and CO sensors as well as probe).

The great adavantage of the flue gas analyser is its capability for dialogue. At the press of a button, the instrument diagnosis provides information on qualitiative status, e.g. the filling level of the condensate trap, or of wearing parts such as the status of the gas sensors. Maintenance intervals are displayed.

The modular probes, such as those for differential temperature and pressure as well as for flue gas, are automatically recognized by the measuring instrument. The measurement results thus immediately appear in the menu.

  Hi resolution, coloured graphics display, for fast and precise tuning of boilers
  Optimum efficiency on screen indication
  Extended menus for comprehensive analysis
  Automatic logging function to record performance over set time period
  Measures micro pressure and draught
  Extended memory (500,000) readings
  For use with natural gas, LPG, heavy and light oil, kerosene, coal, anthracite, coke, propane, butane and wood pellets
  Long life O2 and CO sensors lasting up to 6 years
  Features timed tightness and let by test
  Gas rating test
  Optional probes to measure ambient CO, CO2 and gas leakage CO accuracy independently certified to BS 7967

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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