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Techne TC-PLUS Thermal Cycler

  Colour touchscreen for fast program setup
  TERSTM, Thermal Energy Recovery System (patent pending) to reduce operational costs
  Stackable design to save on valuable bench space
  Satellite option which can be controlled by either the TC-PLUS or a PC
  Unique, easy to use CD-type sample drawer mechanism (patent pending) which provides the correct pressure for use with caps: domed or flat, heat OR adhesive seals all without the use of a motor
  Tm calculator, which uses the Nearest Neighbour algorithm
  Fast ramp rate of up to 5C/sec
  4-year warranty (4-year warranty with blocks having a 4-year or 100,000 cycle warranty whichever comes first)

Historically Techne has provided easily interchangeable thermal blocks and the TC-PLUS units are no exception.

The three block options, 96 x 0.2ml, 60 x 0.5ml and 384-well plate blocks all have a gradient option, thus enabling easy optimisation of PCR conditions such as Mg2+ and primer concentrations and annealing temperatures.

To assist with PCR assay design a Tm calculator which uses the Nearest Neighbour algorithm is included, and combined with the gradient every experiment is guaranteed to be optimised first time, every time.

The new block design incorporates the very latest in Peltier design and provides one of the fastest ramp rates available at 5C/sec.

One new feature of the thermal block is the TERSG system, Thermal Energy Recovery System (patent pending) which harnesses the released heat during the cooling phase for use in the next heating phase, thus saving energy and reducing operational costs a must in todays energy conscious world.

Stacked with new features

The TC-PLUS is easy to program with a large, 5.7 VGA colour touchscreen and graphical displays. At least 1000 programs can be stored on the TC-PLUS, so there is more than enough capacity for everyone in the lab.

An easy to access USB port on the front of the cycler makes it quick and easy to transfer protocols between both cyclers and laboratories.

Ready to go networking

The TC-PLUS and Satellite units are designed with a front-loading sample drawer to be space-saving, having the unique ability to stack.

Bench space is at a premium in the modern laboratory so a TC-PLUS or a Satellite can be stacked onto another Satellite, with a 4-block system only requiring 0.21m2.

Each TC-PLUS can directly control up to 3 Satellites or 9 via a USB hub. Additionally the Satellites can also be controlled via a PC using the software supplied with every unit.

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PCR enabled

Prevention of sample evaporation, particularly with low volume PCR reactions is critical for achieving the right results every time and vital for preventing false negatives.

The unique drawer mechanism (patent pending) utilises the energy of the drawer being pushed closed to lower the heated lid into the correct position.

It accommodates all consumable types from 0.5ml microtubes to 384- well plates, sealed with either heat or adhesive seals. For applications requiring lower experimental temperatures than standard PCR the heated lid can be set between 35 and 115C.

Cool thermal performance

Airflow during the heating and cooling phases is vital to the temperature control of the samples, so for improved performance the venting and airflow is now front to back on the TC-PLUS. This also enables side-by-side positionin

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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