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Techne Prime Thermal Cycler Range

Techne have upgraded our established thermal cycler range to provide easier programming and increased instrument flexibility. The Prime range has been designed to enhance the user experience with an outstanding touch interface and identical software for all models. The new range provides high performance, exceptional value and a reliability backed by the market leading 4 year warranty.

The Techne Prime Range

Techne has developed a comprehensive new range of thermal cyclers around its belief that all users deserve PCR without compromise. Our design philosophy has focused on delivering an enhanced user experience on all models.

  Total reliability
  Premium interface
  High performance cycling block
  Easy software and data transfer
  Unique upgrade function
  Exceptional value for money

Format and Throughput Flexibility

  Personal, mid-sized and full size block models
  Interchangeable blocks with 0.2ml, 0.5ml and 384 plate well options
  Control a network of up to 9 satellites from a single server
  Use the consumables of your choice

Enhanced Thermal Engine

The Prime range is controlled by a completely redesigned thermal block algorithm to improve temperature profiles and provide a consistent high level of performance run after run.

  Choose a cycler with ramp rate that meets your needs, from 3- 5C/sec
  Excellent thermal accuracy
  Very accurate dwell times prevent non-specific primer binding

Helping to Manage a Budget

Techne believe that not only do our instruments offer the most affordable thermal cycler solutions on the market but that you should only pay for what you need when you need it. The Prime range introduces a unique feature.

  ³PrimeX and Prime units can be upgraded to achieve gradient capability
  Simple and easy process installed via USB
  No price penalty for upgrading later

Improve Protocol Design

Optimise your protocol design with a true gradient approach. No need to calculate individual zone temperatures and no need for additional programming.

  Gradient calculator automatically sets values across block
  30-80C temperature range
  14C - 30C gradient across block (depending on model)

Prime Data Sheet
Prime Combi-Block Data Sheet


The most feature packed personal thermal cycler on the market and the only entry-level cycler to offer programming via a touch interface. With rapid ramp rates and a small footprint it is the ideal instrument for researching and teaching laboratories.

Ordering codes:

³Prime thermal cycler, 24 x 0.2ml - 3PRIMEBASE/02
³Prime thermal cycler, 18 x 0.5ml - 3PRIMEBASE/05

³PrimeX & ³PrimeG

These mid-sized cyclers match all the features of the 3Prime instrument alongside expanded sample capacity and gradient cycling capability.

Ordering codes:

³PrimeX thermal cycler, 48 x 0.2ml - 3PRIMEX/02
³PrimeX thermal cycler, 30 x 0.5ml - 3PRIMEX/05
³PrimeX upgrade - 3PRIMEX/USB
³PrimeG gradient thermal cycler, 48 x 0.2ml - 3PRIMEG/02
³PrimeG gradient thermal cycler, 30 x 0.5ml - 3PRIMEG/05

Prime & PrimeG

The Prime instrument is a full sized model that will become your reliable laboratory partner for routine PCR.

  Fast ramp rate of up to 3.4C/sec
  A versatile, fully interchangeable block system allows exchange in a matter of seconds without the need of tools.
  A USB port enables the transfer of programs between instruments and temperature logs to your PC
  Gradient cycling is available directly using the PrimeG instrument or by upgrading the Prime unit.

Ordering codes:

Prime thermal cycler, 96 x 0.2ml - 5PRIME/02
Prime thermal cycler, 60 x 0.5ml - 5PRIME/05
Prime thermal cycler, 384 well plates - 5PRIME/384
Prime gradient upgrade - 5PRIMEX/USB
PrimeG gradient thermal cycler, 96 x 0.2ml - 5PRIMEG/02
PrimeG gradient thermal cycler, 60 x 0.5ml - 5PRIMEG/05
PrimeG gradient thermal cycler, 384 well - 5PRIMEG/384

Prime Elite & Prime Elite Satellite

This range is now obsolete and no longer available.

This premier cycler combines a high performance thermal engine with unique instrument design to deliver the smallest 4 block PCR networking solution on the market. Faster ramp rates and excellent block uniformity are achieved using the TERS Thermal Energy Recovery System. TERS harnesses the heat released during the cooling phase and delivers it back to the block during the next heating phase increasing ramp rates for faster cycling.

Ordering codes:

Prime Elite thermal cycler, 96 x 0.2ml - ELITE/02
Prime Elite thermal cycler, 60 x 0.5ml - ELITE/05
Prime Elite thermal cycler, 384 well - ELITE/384
Prime Elite satellite thermal cycler, 96 x 0.2ml - ELITESAT/02
Prime Elite satellite thermal cycler, 60 x 0.5ml - ELITESAT/05
Prime Elite satellite thermal cycler, 384 well - ELITESAT/384

Prime Combi-Block

Techne have developed a new Combi-block for the Prime range of thermal cyclers. This provides unrivalled flexibility with ability to accommodate 33 x 0.2ml tubes and 33 x 0.5ml tubes , in 6 rows and 11 columns. Prime Combi- Block cyclers are available with or without a temperature gradient, which is upgradable later.

  Flexible 0.2ml and 0.5ml
  Gradient capability
  Total reliability
  Exceptional value for money

Ordering codes:

5PRIME/C - Prime thermal cycler, Combi-Block
5PRIMEG/C - Prime gradient thermal cycler, Combi-Block

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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