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Techne FB-08C Fluidised Bath

The FB-08C has been designed to allow for calibration of thermal sensors over the temperature range 50degC to 700degC with minimum supervision and works in conjunction with a supervisory computer via an RS232 (or optional IEEE488) interface. Basic control programmes are set by the operator allowing for the control of set temperature, incremental temperature steps, dwell times and control of dead bed state.

  Temperature range 50degC to 700degC
  Temperature stability, as good as +/-0.01degC
  Working volume diameter x depth 165 x 385mm
  PID temperature control
  Multiple set points and dwell times can be set by computer/programmable controller

To allow the operating temperature of the fluidised bath to be adjusted from a remote source while the bath is unsupervised, an automatic fluidising air control system is fitted which alters the air flow rate according to the temperature of the fluidising medium. This automatic air feature is controlled by electronics which switch five solenoid valves.

These valves are opened and closed in various combinations, providing eighteen air flow rates corresponding to eighteen different temperatures throughout the operating range.

Where an ultra stable temperature condition is required a 'dead bed' state can be programmed into the control system. During this 'dead bed' state the air and electrical supply to the fluidised bed are switched off. For a period of up to 6 minutes the fluidised bed becomes an isothermal mass without heat input and very low heat loss. Under these conditions the stability at the centre of the aluminium oxide is +/-0.01degC over the range of the unit.

Key Features

The air flow to the fluidised thermal mass is automatically adjusted in order to maintain ideal isothermal conditions throughout the temperature range of the unit.

Variable ramp rates of heating can be programmed with the built in Eurotherm 2408 controller or via a PC using an optional software package (please contact our sales office for information).

A probe holder is available as an accessory which is manufactured to special order to suit sensors under test that enhances the thermal conditions (control stability and uniformity) of the temperature zone within the baths.

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Model FB-08C standard controller Eurotherm 2408

The Eurotherm provides superb control by using a combination of a highly developed three term control strategy, supported by both self and adoptive algorithms with dual PIC.

The adaptive tune runs continuously in the background. It monitors the process and modifies the control if a disturbance takes process outside preset limits.

The programmer has one programme of 16 segments (4 and 20 program model are also available please contact our sales department).

High resolution ramping with assured soak periods provide a precise capability.

Data Sheet
FB-08 and FB-08C Upgrade to fit Dust Suppression System and Probe Holder

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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