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Specac Atlas Press Accessories

Easy to use, rugged and durable Hydraulic Presses suitable for a wide range of applications

Specac makes a variety of Atlas hydraulic presses for a wide range of pressing applications. There is also a range of accessories that can be used within the presses themselves, for the formation and preparation of particular sample types prior to analysis by techniques such as Infrared or X-Ray spectroscopy. The Specac accessories that can be used within the presses are evacuable pellet dies, heated platens and film maker systems.

The Specac Atlas hydraulic presses are designed to apply a specific load to a sample, but it is actually the accessory itself within the press that determines the specific pressure applied to the sample.

To give an example, if a 13mm Atlas Evacuable Pellet Die P/N GS03000 filled with a powder sample is placed within an Atlas Manual 15T press P/N GS15011, an applied load of 10 tons (i.e. 22400 lbs) is being spread over an area of 132.73 mm2 (or 0.205 in2 ). This equates to a pressure of 109,268 lbs per square inch or 48.78 tons per square inch.

Similarly, when an Atlas Film Maker accessory (P/Ns GS15640 or GS15800) is placed in a press, the load is being spread over an area of film of 660.51 mm2, the films being produced having a 29mm diameter. During this method of film preparation from a melted sample, a load of 1 to 2 tons is usually sufficient to apply an appropriate pressure to the sample.

Atlas Evacuable Pellet Dies

Atlas Evacuable Pellet Dies will fit into any of the Atlas range of Specac hydraulic presses. However, it is usual that a larger diameter size of evacuable pellet die requires a higher load to be applied by a press for compaction of the sample.

The dies themselves are rated to a particular tonnage load maximum and so when certain combinations of a die size are used in a particular press, care must be observed that the maximum tonnage load for the die is not exceeded.

The range of Atlas Evacuable Pellet Dies supplied as standard are:-

  P/N GS03060 Atlas 5mm evacuable pellet die (Max load 2.0 Tons)
  P/N GS03100 Atlas 10mm evacuable pellet die (Max load 5.0 Tons)
  P/N GS03000 Atlas 13mm evacuable pellet die (Max load 10.0 Tons)
  P/N GS03165 Atlas 20mm evacuable pellet die (Max load 25.0 Tons)
  P/N GS03300 Atlas 32mm evacuable pellet die (Max load 50.0 Tons)
  P/N GS03290 Atlas 40mm evacuable pellet die (Max load 85.0 Tons)

Atlas Lightweight Dies

Two sizes of Atlas lightweight evacuable pellet dies are available for use in all of the Atlas range of hydraulic presses, but most specifically in combination with the Atlas Power and Auto presses.

These dies lighter body weight, due to their smaller physical size, makes them easier to handle when carrying out repetitive pressing applications such as pellet preparation for XRF spectroscopy. These dies do not have any internal pressing pellets. A sample powder is compressed between the plunger and base.

  P/N GS25410 32mm Atlas Lightweight evacuable pellet die (Max load 25.0 Tons)
  P/N GS25411 40mm Atlas Lightweight evacuable pellet die (Max load 25.0 Tons)

Atlas Heated Platens P/N GS15515

The Atlas Heated Platens P/N GS15515 fit into all of the Specac Atlas hydraulic presses as standard. This accessory converts a press to offer a heated surface of 100mm diameter for pressing at temperatures up to 300C and a maximum load of 15 tons.

Film Maker Accessories P/Ns GS15640 and GS15800

The Atlas Film Maker accessories from Specac are supplied in two versions. The Atlas Constant Thickness Film Maker Accessory P/N GS15640 must be used in conjunction with the Atlas Heated Platens P/N GS15515 and can be operated up to 300C temperatures and at loads up to 4 tons maximum.

The Atlas High Temperature Film Maker Accessory P/N GS15800 has its own form of heated platens built into the accessory and so does not require use of the Atlas Heated Platens P/N GS15515. This Film Maker accessory has a maximum operating temperature of 400C and an operating load of 2 tons.

Both Atlas Film Maker Accessories can be used in the Atlas Manual 15T and 25T hydraulic presses P/Ns GS15011 and GS25011 and the 8T versions of Atlas Power (P/N GS25400) and Auto (P/N GS25440) Presses.

Both Atlas Film Maker accessories produce 29mm diameter films with thicknesses at 0.015, 0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 and 0.5mms, depending on the choice of spacing ring being used. In operation, users must be careful not to exceed the specified maximum loads in order to prevent damage to the accessory and heated platens.



Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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