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Servomex SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan Tunable Filter I.R Analyser

The SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan Tunable Filter I.R. analyser is an infrared absorption based on-line monitoring system, configured for measurement of light hydrocarbons (alkanes, alkenes and alkynes). The tunable filter allows spectral scanning which enables interference compensation. A real-time optical analyser capable of accurately separating the hydrocarbon components; which previously could only be performed by gas chromatograph (GC) analysers.

Using a unique wavelength-sweeping tunable filter spectrometer, fast update rates down to sub-second intervals are performed for the full C1 through C5 analysis. Sampling is a flow-through type, suitable for a continuous, on-line, unattended operation. The analyser does not require carrier gas, fuel gases, or on-site calibration gases.

The SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan utilizes a Precisive OXS-3100 optical bench which is used extensively in the field, and is available as a stand-alone analyser in two hardware configurations. Standard data interface includes a MODBUS TCP/IP. An ATEX, CSA hazardous rated instrument is available.


  Real-time operation down to sub-second update rates
  C1 C5 hydrocarbon separation and total gas analysis (alkanes, alkenes and alkynes possible)
  Continuous flow-through analysis
  Remote, unattended continuous operation
  Eliminates carrier gases and other consumables
  Permanent span calibration for industrial deployment
  Virtually zero cross-sensitivity and high sensitivity


  Alternative to Gas Chromatography
  Natural gas quality and composition
  BTU/Wobbe content measurement
  Fuel blending and control
  Gas turbine, engines, fuel cells
  Alternative (biogas, syngas) fuels
  LNG production and custody transfer
  Hydrocarbon speciation applications

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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