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Servomex SERVOPRO MonoExact TCD Emission Detector

The SERVOPRO MonoExact TCD offers the next generation TruRef Thermal Conductivity technology, providing the best in class performance with low maintenance burden.

Unique, patented TruRef technology - Servomex TruRef Thermal Conductivity technology does not require a reference cell or a reference gas, and as it is not affected by changes in the thermal mass of the sample gas, it is insensitive to changes in sample density, pressure and flow.

Class leading performance - A unique design based on a thick film substrate and precision manufactured in a clean room environment, the TruRef Thermal Conductivity transducer offers a class leading performance for repeatability and drift.

Low cost of ownership - The high stability and reliability of Servomex sensor technology supports reduced calibration frequency with a lower maintenance cost, and a common user interface with the SERVOPRO MultiExact and SERVOFLEX Portables platform reduces the training burden.

Two MonoExact analysers fit into a single 19" rack slot - Two MonoExact analysers will sit side by side in a panel to fit into a single 19" rack slot.

Comprehensive digital communications - The SERVOPRO MonoExact offers a broad range of digital communications - continuous ASCII output (RS232), Modbus (RS485), Modbus TCP (Ethernet), amd PROFIBUS (RS485)


  Air separation
  Iron and steel
  Process control
  Hydrogen purity
  Product validation
  Helium production
  Gas blending

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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