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Servomex SERVOFLEX MiniMP (5200 Multipurpose) Gas Analyser

The Servomex 5200 Multi Purpose gas analyser has been specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of field and laboratory analysts, light industrial users and others who require fast, accurate and reliable analysis of common gas mixtures. This compact, portable and easy to use instrument is based upon non-depleting, component specific measurement techniques (magnetodynamic paramagnetic and infrared) for long life and minimal running costs, avoiding the problems associated with electrochemical or other less robust methods of analysis.

The 5200 Multi Purpose replaces the well established Servomex 244, 404, 571, 572 and 575 analysers. Where there is no risk of an explosive atmosphere it may also be used to replace the Model 570.


  Non-depleting paramagnetic and infrared measurement technology ensures the unit is always ready for use
  Accurate, reliable and component specific, giving confidence that observed values are credible and not due to background interference
  Customer pre-tested software offers ease of use, simple calibration and advanced features
  Innovative construction gives a robust unit with a space saving footprint
  Rechargeable battery and vehicle power (12/24V) options enable mobile use
  TÜV and MCERTS approved to EN15267-3 (certification of automated measuring systems) available

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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