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In order to meet different user and geographical requirements, Sabre Safety is pleased to announce the expansion of our winter liner range for use with industrial safety helmets.

Protector Zero Hoods help maximise worker efficiency and safety in cold and wet weather conditions by protecting against heat loss through the head; ensuring alertness in safety critical environments where the use of head worn PPE is a pre-requisite.

The existing HXZH - Protector Zero Hood has been upgraded. The new HXZH/S remains the same shape as our existing design, with a 40g Thinsulate fleece, but now features water and wind resistant nylon fabric with inherent Ďrip stopí durability. The additional benefits of these new features are that it keeps the wearer dry, whilst maintaining warmth and should the outer garment become snagged in anyway, the rip is contained within a small square on the fabric prolonging the products lifetime. The hoods colour changes from navy blue to black and it continues to have the capability to connect to a wide range of safety helmets.


Product Literature

The new HXZH/FR zero hood is a navy blue cotton fabric with Proban flame retardant treatment. It has the same shape and attachment method as the standard Protector Zero hood HXZH/S and features a fire retardant 40g Polar fleece. Itís ideal for welding or grinding operations in general industry.

The new HXZH/HY and HXZH/HO feature EN471 specified high visibility yellow and orange fabric combined with a 360 degree glass bead reflective band and chin strap for maximum visibility. The hoods complement high visibility clothing requirements, are water/wind resistant and feature side mesh vents to ensure the wearer maintains maximum alertness within the environment. These versions integrate into Protector Safety helmet designs only, as the helmets head harness slots through the hood, ensuring the helmet straps sit directly on your head for maximum stability.

The new HXZH/E is a new economy version of the Protector Zero Hood design. It features a comfortable cotton outer, 20g polar fleece and meets the price point required for certain geographies.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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