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Sabre Protege Portable Multi-Gas Monitor

When you’ve been protecting lives as long as we have, absolute confidence comes standard - The Sabre Safety name is synonymous with trustworthy protection in the most hazardous environments. The Protege™ multi-gas monitor is no different. Like our complete line of personal safety equipment, the Protege monitor is simple to use and incredibly durable, giving industrial workers and first responders alike the confidence to focus on the task at hand. The Protege monitor is easy to handle in any situation. An intuitive user interface and simple twobutton operation make calibration and basic operation virtually thought-free.

Protege software, compatible with Windows, gives administrators the ability to quickly adjust monitor configurations. Its robust construction survives drops while being dust-tight and immersionresistant. That’s why those in charge of worker safety from hazardous gases are completing their safety checklist with yet another tool from Sabre Safety.

All-day ease-of-use, from charge-up to power-down - The Sabre Safety Protege multi-gas monitor is remarkably easy to use, with intuitive features that help users focus on critical situations rather than their equipment. It features automatic calibration and simple PC configuration—along with any-button on and two-button off functions.

With Masterdock, calibration is a one-touch operation, facilitating easy maintenance. With a small size, 7.5 oz. weight and unique hourglass shape, the Protege monitor is the only portable gas instrument that fits in the palm of your hand.

he bright LCD display and wide-angle alarm bars are clearly visible from all positions. And the intelligent memory captures 7,000 significant events for complete analysis of information while enabling users and administrators to focus on the most pertinent information.

Tougher than the rest - Its toughness and durability are best-in-class for portable gas monitors. Protection against the intrusion of solid foreign bodies is as good as it gets: dust-tight. And its rating for protection against moisture covers everything from rain to total immersion. With performance levels like these, the Protege monitor gives you the confidence to do the job right, in ever-harsher environments.

Concentrate on your work, not maintaining your equipment - The Protege monitor’s simple design reduces overall training requirements. Zero-calibration and span-calibration are automatic—no need to remember set points or concern yourself with manual adjustments.



Ordering Information

Protégé Monitor Kits

Includes gas monitor, charger, torx tool, manual, CD with PC software, USB cable and calibration adapter.

PRO-1Z2212 O2/LEL/CO/H2S Gas Monitor Kit
PRO-2Z2212 O2/LEL/CO Gas Monitor Kit
PRO-3Z2212 O2/LEL/H2S Gas Monitor Kit
PRO-4Z2212 O2/LEL Gas Monitor Kit
PRO-5Z2212 LEL Gas Monitor Kit

Confined Space Kits

Includes all the items above, plus pump, probe, tubing and calibration kit in a foam lined carrying case.

PRO-1Z1111 O2/LEL/CO/H2S Confined Space Kit

Protégé Monitor Accessories

093-0526 Masterdock—automated bump test and calibration station, AC or battery powered. (Utilizes 103L 6D or 58L 8AL or 34L 2AL cylinder.)

096-3271 Pump Kit (Pump, Probe, Tubing)
096-3283-1 Six Unit Multi-Charger US
096-3283-2 Six Unit Multi-Charger UK, Hong Kong & Singapore
096-3283-3 Six Unit Multi-Charger Europe & South America
096-3283-4 Six Unit Multi-Charger Asia & Australia

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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