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Sabre ProPak Professional Firefighting Breathing Apparatus

For over 30 years its innovative engineering and customer led product evolution has enabled the range to adapt, respond and predict the ever changing needs of professional fire services around the world.

With over one million firefighters worldwide trusting in Scott’s equipment and backed by dedicated customer support, Scott’s SCBA is the firefighters preferred choice.

The Scott ProPak is the latest lightweight self contained breathing apparatus from Scott Safety and offers the highest levels of respiratory protection available.

  Approved to EN137: 2006 Type II, incorporating the stringent Flame Engulfment Test, ProPak is refined to a level of performance demanded by the professional firefighter.
  100% Kevlar webbing with wrap-around harnesses
  The highest possible specification providing the highest level of flame retardancy
  Trusted and proven high performance pneumatics
  Supplies exceptionally high airflow, simple to maintain and fully user serviceable
  Easy upgrade path
  Following the Scott tradition, all elements of the set are designed to allow future upgrade with minimal cost
  Rapid connect cylinder band that allows adjustment or change out of cylinder in seconds
  Tempest demand valve with proven performance and dependability, comfortable and responsive delivery of air and easy to breathe
  Easy adjust parachute style buckles with quick pull forward action allows easy in-transit adjustment and large buckles allow for easy operation with gloved hands and fast donning and doffing
  Compact positive pressure demand valve featuring servoassisted, tilting diaphragm mechanism with low inspiratory resistance and responsive dynamic performance, automatic first breath actuation and hands free bypass facility.



Reducing Valve

First stage pressure reducing valve featuring non-adjustable, spring loaded piston mechanism and outlet supply protected by pressure relief valve.

Pressure Indicator & Warning Whistle

Bourdon tube type dial indicator Heat and Impact resistant polycarbonate lens


Stainless steel swivel hose fittings
Medium pressure hose
Maximum working pressure 16 bar
Minimum burst pressure 80 bar
High pressure hose
Maximum working pressure 450 bar
Minimum burst pressure 800 bar


Sabre-Com is a unique radio communications interface that fully integrates with your existing radio and preferred choice of Scott facemask. Sabre-Com is intrinsically safe and approved to EN136 Class 3.


Scott ProPak can be specified in many configurations including Duo, Split Demand Valve Coupling (SDC) and attachments for Airline, which can also be used for Rescue Second Man (RSM) and Decontamination.

Pneumatic System

At the heart of the ProPak set is a simple and reliable two-stage pneumatic system. A first breath activated positive pressure demand valve provides low breathing resistance and excellent dynamic performance - particularly at high flow rates. A first stage pressure reducing valve features only two moving parts and accepts cylinders pressures of up to 300 bar without adjustment.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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