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Sabre Eagle Imager 320 Thermal Imaging Camera

Since the introduction of thermal imaging technology to the fire service, Sabre Safety has been a leader in providing the most advanced, fire-ground proven thermal cameras to first responders for use in search and rescue, overhaul operations, and hot spot identification. Now, Sabre Safety adds to its family of thermal cameras with the new Eagle Imager 320 – a step ahead in thermal imaging technology with the trusted name of Sabre behind it.

Eagle Imager 320

The Sabre Eagle Imager 320 thermal imaging camera incorporates the same advanced design concepts developed for the popular Eagle Imager 160 camera, and we have added the most advanced technological features available today – all while maintaining the reliability, durability and functionality of a Sabre thermal imaging camera.

Dependable New A-Si Technology

The heart of the Eagle Image 320 thermal imaging camera is an amorphous silicone (a-Si) camera core capable of producing vivid imagery under a variety of conditions. Its 1,100° dynamic range generates highly detailed images that enable quick and easy scene interpretation and eliminates white out, ghosted images or other distracting image artifacts. A wide dynamic range permits the user to see a firefighter standing next to or behind flame.

Ergonomic Multi-Position Handle

The camera’s ergonomic qualities include the unique userselectable handle positioning that permits adjustability to three different positions (standing, crawling and hands-free) for use in virtually any condition.

Twist-Change Battery & Quick, Simple Hand-Off

The Eagle Imager 320 camera’s battery features one-way on, large-scale threading for fast battery replacement. The camera’s robust 9-volt nickel metal hydride battery offers over four and a half hours of run time. Designed for ease of use with gloved hands, the Eagle Imager 320 camera may be handed off from one firefighter to another by grasping its handle, side straps or battery compartment.

Large LCD Display with Zoom

The camera’s 4-inch (10.16 cm) wide diagonal LCD viewing screen is designed for optimal viewing and maximum scene detail. An additional zoom-in feature allows for 1x, 2x, and 4x magnification of a scene to help distinguish between objects or temperatures. On-screen graphic icons indicate camera modes and battery life.

Tactile 2-Button Control

Engineered for maximum simplicity, the Eagle Imager 320 thermal imaging camera is operated by using just two buttons conveniently located between the handle and screen, and capable of being easily manipulated by a user wearing gloves.

On-Screen Temperature Readout

The Eagle Imager 320 camera’s on-screen temperature readout (in either °F or °C) is standard with both a digital and a bar graph indicator. Temperature awareness colorization™ (TAC) identifies temperatures in certain ranges (yellow > 200°F, orange > 500°F, red > 800°F), providing the user with color-based visual indicators that help a firefighter quickly analyze the environment, while providing a clear grey scale image for the rest of the objects in view. The Max Temp™ indicator, displayed in all operating modes, identifies the temperature of the hottest object within the camera’s viewing area. An overhaul mode identifies background temperatures above the median to assist with hot spot localization. Spot temperature measurements are easily interpreted with the bar graph and digital temperature readouts.

Two-Channel Transmitter

The Eagle Imager 320 thermal imaging camera is available with a two-channel transmitter that permits wireless transmission of images to a remote receiver station and monitor.


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