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NSC Sicherheitstechnik Modular Solution F1


A new generation of fire control panels, the NSC Solution F1 is both modular and ultra up-to-date, designed in accordance with international standards and with the aim of meeting the specific international requirements at the highest level.

New features can be found in the Solution F1, several of which are exclusive in the security industry. Many optional features have to be purchased at extra cost on other panels, but they are included as standard in the Solution F1.

The Solution F1 is both flexible and universal in the way that different configurations are possible. This means that the Solution F1 meets the specific requirements for all possible customer applications.

Being able to connect different detectors was one of the most important design considerations for the Solution F1 fire control panel. The latest analogue addressable detectors of two of the biggest brands in the detector industry, Hochiki and Apollo, are fully compatible, along with nearly all of the conventional detectors available.


The Solution F1 is more than capable for certain applications where higher reliability such as EN-54 and VdS standards is required. The Control Processing Unit can be doubled as well as thesystem boards which areresponsible for the communicationwith the sensors andwhich passes the informationfrom the detectors to the CPU. This means that the end user gets a 100 %redundancy of the wholesystem.

When the Solution F1 was built, the designers made it without any mechanical parts at all, which is unique feat in the security industry and holds a lot of advantages for both the installer and end user. Pressure sensitive piezo lacquer is contained inside which doesn’t have to be adjusted. The glass-like surface design also makesa worth-while impression.

Important Features

  2 to 18 loops are possible in one standard wall-mounted housing. Analogue addressable detectors and conventional detectors can be mixed in one Fire Control Panel.
  User-friendly housings because of hinged frames which gives easy access for the technician to the wiring terminals.
  32 Bit advanced CPU core - supplied as an upgradeable PCB module! This gives the possibility for smart software solutions and the possibility to change the micro processor very easily in the event of a new - higher performed - model in future or if one model become obsolete. In such a case the main board PCB of the Solution F1 panel need not be exchanged or upgraded.
  Generous memory space with 8MB-Flash and 8MB-RAM to allow convenient programming of links and customer specified texts.
  Numerous running modes and detection algorithms are programmable at this new panel. In combination with analogue addressable detectors it can be perfectly adapted to every application of the market.
  Multi protocol loop cards are available, which means that different analogue addressable detectors can be easily connected. These PCBs are able to check the loop for short circuit and wire break and detect a possible earth fault of the shielding.
  Guaranteed 100% compatibility to Hochiki ESP protocol as well as to Apollo XP95 / Discovery protocol.
  Network by ARCNET. This BUS system distinguishes by multi master ability which leads to a continuously running network even if the master node fails.
  8 programmable push buttons allow a user-friendly handling of certain user defined operations. The user can store several operating steps into the memory and then he can program them on one of the push button S1 to S8.
  Auto dynamic operating mode by the graphics display with assigned functional push buttons.
  The texts on front fascia are easy to change for international versions of the Solution F1.

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

Fire Control Panel “Solution F1-6“ for 2 to 6 loops B01050-00

Fire Control Panel “Solution F1-6“ for 2 to 18 loops B01060-00

4U front plate to keep Zone LED PCBs B01200-00

PCB with 32 Zone LEDs B01220-00

Built-In Printer B01230-00

Loop card with 2 loops supporting Hochiki ESP protocol B01260-00

Loop card with 2 loops supporting Apollo protocols B01265-00

Redundant loop card with 2 loops supporting Hochiki ESP protocol B01270-00

Redundant loop card with 2 loops supporting Apollo protocols B01275-00

Conventional detector card with 8 stub lines B01300-00

Redundant conventional detector card with 8 stub lines B01310-00

Relay card with 8 change over contacts B01330-00

ARCnet interface card B01350-00

Analogue telephone modem module for configuration software B01370-00

ISDN telephone modem module for configuration software B01373-00

Webserver Module B01380-00

Configuration software B01395-00

Housing A1, 490 x 540 x 158mm (H x W x D) B01400-00

Housing A2, 490 x 540 x 158 mm (H x W x D) B01405-00

Housing B1, 540 x 540 x 243 mm (H x W x D) B01410-00

Housing B2, 540 x 540 x 243 mm (H x W x D) B01415-00

Housing C1, 760 x 540 x 265mm (H x W x D) B01420-00

Housing C2, 760 x 540 x 265 mm (H x W x D) B01425-00

Remote Control Panel incl. ARCnet card B01500-00

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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Detectors and Alarm Devices

B02700-00 Discovery Optical Smoke Detector

B02704-00 Discovery Optical/Heat Multi Sensor Detector

B02706-00 Discovery Heat Detector

B02725-00 Discovery Manual Call Point

B02750-00 Discovery Mounting Base

B07964-00 Open Area Alarm Device

B07974-00 Sounder Beacon Base


B02840-00 Input/Output Unit With Isolator

B02842-00 XP95 Three Channel Input/Output Unit

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Part Number Index

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