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Ex-Stock Carbolite CF 24 Cupellation Furnaces - 6,250.00

Export Packed & Quick Delivery

We currently have two Cupellation Furnaces (model CF 24) for sale.

We are selling these furnaces for a very special price of 6,250.00 each (usually 13,020 each).

These two furnaces are currently in stock, so there are no lengthy lead times. They are export packed and brand new.

If you would like to order either of these, please contact us using the details at the bottom of the page.

  The assay of gold alloys by cupellation is the standard method used by the United Kingdom Assay Offices and a reference laid down by the International Hallmarking Convention
  Comply with ISO 11426 : 1999
  The Carbolite range of fire assay and cupellation furnaces has an international reputation for close temperature uniformity, low heat loss and maximum fume control
  Maximum operating temperature 1200C
  One bench mounted and three floor standing models, with capacities ranging from 15 x cupel #8 up to 90 x cupel #6
  Silicon carbide heating elements are mounted above and below the work chamber, providing even heating of the cupels
  Fumes are extracted through an insulated exhaust duct and a removable container, situated below the chimney, collects any condensed lead
  Incoming air, which is controlled by an adjustable valve at the rear of the furnace, is preheated by passing over the lower elements prior to entering the chamber - ensuring rapid heat transfer and even temperature distribution
  The work chamber, roof and hearth are lined with silicon carbide tiles which will withstand the corrosive lead fumes emitted during the process


For more product details, please see the CF Range webpage.

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