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Bibby Scientific Special Sale - Ending 31st July 2014!

Bibby Scientific are having a special sale, with some selected products from the Jenway, Stuart, Techne and Electrothermal range on sale for fantastic prices and also with free upgrades or accessories.

6850 Double-Beam Spectrophotometer - Link
Buy a 6850 Double-Beam Spectrophotometer and receive a FREE 8-cell changer (685401).
List Price - 6995.00. OUR PRICE - 6155.60!

3540 pH/Conductivity Meter - Link
Buy a 3540 (354001) pH/Conductivity meter for the Normal Price of the cheaper 3520 (352001) pH meter.
List Price - 680.00. OUR PRICE - 598.40!

SHM2 Laboratory Homogeniser - Link
Buy a SHM2 Laboratory Homogeniser and receive a FREE SHM/STAND stainless steel stand.
List Price - 1021.00. OUR PRICE - 898.48!

SMP30 Melting Point Apparatus - Link
Buy a SMP30 Melting Point Apparatus and receive a FREE HM50C 50ml heating mantle, HM250C 250ml heating mantle or HM1000C 1000ml heating mantle.
List Price - 1295.00. OUR PRICE - 1139.60!

TE-10D Thermoregulator - Link
Buy a TE-10D Thermoregulator and receive a FREE B-18 (FBATH18) 18 litre stainless steel water bath.
List Price - 799.00. OUR PRICE - 703.12!

FSC400D Sample Concentrator - Link
Buy a FSC400D Sample Concentrator and receive FREE F7210 127mm long needles.
List Price - 710.00. OUR PRICE - 624.80!

MH8523B Paraffin Wax Dispenser - Link
Buy a MH8523B Paraffin Wax Dispenser and receive a FREE MH6616 Slide Dry Bench
List Price - 1,740.00. OUR PRICE - 1,531.20!

PS60044 9 x 250ml Multi-Position Stirrer - Link
Buy a PS60044 9 x 250ml Multi-Position Stirrer at a very SPECIAL PRICE.
List Price - 710.00. OUR PRICE - 449.68!

To place an order, please contact us at the details below.

Jenway 3540 pH/Conductivity Meter

Stuart SMP30 Melting Point Apparatus

Techne TE-10D Thermoregulator

Electrothermal MH8523B Paraffin Wax Dispenser

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