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MSA V-Gard Safety Helmets

The MSA V-Gard is worn by people on every continent of the globe and with a proven track record has become the helmet of choice for millions of workers all over the world.

Whether you are in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Beijing, China; Sydney, Australia or Rome, Italy, you will always find the unmistakable silhouette of the MSA V-Gard on construction sites, power plants and factories wherever workers need reliable head protection from falling objects.

With experiences over many years in development and manufacturing of safety helmets and head/face protection systems, MSA has the ability to meet all your needs.

Our programme of continuous development also means that we will continue to meet all your future needs, because we ask you.


  The popular V-Gard design in a High Density Polyethylene shell.
  Accepts the full range of MSA safety helmet accessories.
  Available in High Visibility fluorescent orange as well as the standard range of colours.
  A small size is also available.
  Certified to EN 397 and meeting optional requirements for electrical insulation and very low temperature.

Super V-Gard II

  Premium Quality finish ABS moulded shell.
  Accepts the full range of MSA safety helmet accessories.
  High impact protection and chemical resistance.
  Superior fit and enhanced wearer comfort.
  Certified to EN397and meeting optional requirements for lateral deformation, electrical insulation, very low temperature.


  Peakless version of the premium quality Super V-Gard II.
  Accepts the full range of MSA safety helmet accessories.
  For use when unrestricted upward vision is important.
  Perfect for confined spaces, or any high level work.
  Fits very well under total encapsulating chemical suits.
  Certified to EN397and meeting optional requirements for lateral deformation, electrical insulation, very low temperature.


  Lightweight and high strength helmet.
  Accepts the full range of MSA safety helmet accessories.
  Shell of glass-reinforced nylon.
  For use when elevated temperature capability is needed.
  Protects from impact hazards and low-voltage levels.
  Certified to EN 397 and meeting optional requirements for lateral deformation, very low temperatures and molten metal splash.


Ordering Information

V-Gard Non vented shell

GV111-0000000-000 V-Gard, White, Staz-On suspension
GV121-0000000-000 V-Gard, Yellow, Staz-On suspension
GV131-0000000-000 V-Gard, Red, Staz-On suspension
GV141-0000000-000 V-Gard, Green, Staz-On suspension
GV151-0000000-000 V-Gard, Blue, Staz-On suspension
GV161-0000000-000 V-Gard, Orange, Staz-On suspension
GV191-0000000-000 V-Gard, Fluo Orange, Staz-On suspension
GV112-0000000-000 V-Gard, White, Fas-Trac suspension
GV122-0000000-000 V-Gard, Yellow, Fas-Trac suspension
GV132-0000000-000 V-Gard, Red, Fas-Trac suspension
GV142-0000000-000 V-Gard, Green, Fas-Trac suspension
GV152-0000000-000 V-Gard, Blue, Fas-Trac suspension
GV162-0000000-000 V-Gard, Orange, Fas-Trac suspension
GV192-0000000-000 V-Gard, Fluo Orange, Fas-Trac suspension

V-Gard 200 Vented Shell

GV611-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, White, Staz-On suspension
GV621-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, Yellow, Staz-On suspension
GV631-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, Red, Staz-On suspension
GV641-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, Green, Staz-On suspension
GV651-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, Blue, Staz-On suspension
GV661-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, Orange, Staz-On suspension
GV6A1-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, Fluo Yellow, Staz-On suspension
GV612-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, White, Fas-Trac suspension
GV622-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, Yellow, Fas-Trac suspension
GV632-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, Red, Fas-Trac suspension
GV642-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, Green, Fas-Trac suspension
GV652-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, Blue, Fas-Trac suspension
GV662-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, Orange, Fas-Trac suspension
GV6A2-0000000-000 V-Gard 200, vented, Fluo Yellow, Fas-Trac suspension

V-Gard 500 Vented Shell

GV411-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, White, Staz-On suspension
GV421-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Yellow, Staz-On suspension
GV431-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Red, Staz-On suspension
GV441-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Green, Staz-On suspension
GV451-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Blue, Staz-On suspension
GV461-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Orange, Staz-On suspension
GV471-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Grey, Staz-On suspension
GV481-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Black, Staz-On suspension
GV412-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, White, Fas-Trac suspension
GV422-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Yellow, Fas-Trac suspension
GV432-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Red, Fas-Trac suspension
GV442-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Green, Fas-Trac suspension
GV452-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Blue, Fas-Trac suspension
GV462-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Orange, Fas-Trac suspension
GV472-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Grey, Fas-Trac suspension
GV482-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, vented, Black Fas-Trac suspension

V-Gard 500 Non Vented Shell

GV511-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, White, Staz-On suspension
GV521-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Yellow, Staz-On suspension
GV531-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Red, Staz-On suspension
GV541-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Green, Staz-On suspension
GV551-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Blue, Staz-On suspension
GV561-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Orange, Staz-On suspension
GV571-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Grey, Staz-On suspension
GV581-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Black, Staz-On suspension
GV512-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, White, Fas-Trac suspension
GV522-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Yellow, Fas-Trac suspension
GV532-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Red, Fas-Trac suspension
GV542-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Green, Fas-Trac suspension
GV552-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Blue, Fas-Trac suspension
GV562-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Orange, Fas-Trac suspension
GV572-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Grey, Fas-Trac suspension
GV582-0000000-000 V-Gard 500, non vented, Black Fas-Trac suspension

V-Gard 520 Non Vented Shell

GV911-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, White, Staz-On suspension
GV921-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, Yellow, Staz-On suspension
GV931-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, Red, Staz-On suspension
GV941-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, Green, Staz-On suspension
GV951-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, Blue, Staz-On suspension
GV961-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, Orange, Staz-On suspension
GV981-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, Black, Staz-On suspension
GV912-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, White, Fas-Trac suspension
GV922-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, Yellow, Fas-Trac suspension
GV932-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, Red, Fas-Trac suspension
GV942-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, Green, Fas-Trac suspension
GV952-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, Blue, Fas-Trac suspension
GV962-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, Orange, Fas-Trac suspension
GV982-0000000-000 V-Gard 520, Black, Fas-Trac suspension

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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