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Eurotron Automation IR Thermometers

The compact sensors without contact series has been designed for measuring the temperature of the objects that cannot be touched, such as the moving ones, the inaccessible or the ones that are plunged in electromagnetic fields.

Eurotron sensors are compact, quick, simple to install, strong and precise. The wide optics and measuring ranges available help in searching the best instrument for ones needs. Some models also have a digital communication interface for programming and managing the measures.

Typical applications:

  Induction heating

Rayomatic 4

The Rayomatic 4 represents the ideal solution to replace traditional with the advantage of non-contact measurement.

Data Sheet

Rayomatic 6

Eurotron IRtec Rayomatic 6 non-contact programmable temperature sensor represents the ideal solution to replace traditional J-type or K-type thermocouples on the process with a low investment.

Data Sheet

Rayomatic 10

IRtec Rayomatic 10 family are non-contact programmable transmitters represents the ideal solution when high performance and advanced functionality are required in a confined space.

Data Sheet

Rayomatic 12

Split thechnology means to separate the head from the body.

The Head has reduced dimensions and is the solution when the space is smaller.

Data Sheet

Rayomatic 14 Mk2

IRtec Rayomatic 14 with its micro sensor head is the most compact infrared thermometer available today.

Rugged, it can measure temperature up to 1000C with environmental temperature of 180C without the need of air or water cooling.

Data Sheet/Manual

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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