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Electrothermal EMA Heating and Stirring Mantles

The Electrothermal Heating and Stirring Mantle with built-in controller, has a resilient, chemical-resistant polypropylene outer housing that minimizes damage from spills, making it ideal for a broad range of applications.

Designed to stir and heat liquid. Stirring can be single or bi-directional.


  Vented case created a unique air flow that allows housing to be safe to the touch when in use
  Grounded screen provides additional safety should liquids spill or flasks break
  Heating cartridge can be quickly and easily replaced
  Mantles are double fused for added safety
  Automatic capture catches the stir-bar to start stirring if stirring is disrupted
  Two indicator lights signal power on and heater on

Warranty: One year parts and labour.

Certifications: CE.

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Cat. No. Capacity Electrical Requirements
EMA0050/CEB 50ml (0.01gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 80w
EMA0050/CEBX1 50ml (0.01gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 96w
EMA0050/CEBX6 50ml (0.01gal) 230v 50/60hz, 80W EU Plug
EMA0100/CEB 100ml (0.02gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 80w
EMA0100/CEBX1 100ml (0.02gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 96w
EMA0100/CEBX6 100ml (0.02gal) 230v 50/60hz, 80W EU Plug
EMA0250/CEB 250ml (0.06gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 170w
EMA0250/CEBX1 250ml (0.06gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 210w
EMA0250/CEBX6 250ml (0.06gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 170w EU Plug
EMA0500/CEB 500ml (0.13gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 220w
EMA0500/CEBX1 500ml (0.13gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 270w
EMA0500/CEBX6 500ml (0.13gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 220w EU Plug
EMA1000/CEB 1000ml (0.26gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 320w
EMA1000/CEBX1 1000ml (0.26gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 400w
EMA1000/CEBX6 1000ml (0.26gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 320w EU Plug
EMA2000/CEB 2000ml (0.53gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 520w
EMA2000/CEBX1 2000ml (0.53gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 595w
EMA2000/CEBX6 2000ml (0.53gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 520w, EU Plug

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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