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Electrothermal Digi-Mantles

Digi-Mantles enable a flask of 250ml, 500ml or 1000ml capacity to be heated and stirred through precise electronic control. They have a modular design which allows heating cartridges of different sizes to be interchanged using the same OMCA digital controller as a base, which makes the Digi-Mantles a very cost-effective and space-saving option.


  Same OMCA controller accommodates different capacity heating cartridges, ie. interchangeable design
  Round bottom flask capacity of between 250ml - 1000ml
  “Cool-to-the-touch” design
  Greater stirring stability and speeds from 100 to 2000rpm
  Controller with display menus and touch pad interface
  Indicator lights for power, stirrer and heater operation
  Support rod clamps

Digi-Mantles enable a flask of 250ml, 500ml or 1000ml capacity to be stirred and heated up to an element temperature of 450°C through precise electronic control, giving an accurate measure of temperature and stirring. The modular design allows heating cartridges of different sizes to be interchanged using the same OMCA digital controller as a base, which makes the Digi-Mantles a very cost-effective option.

Heater Cartridge

The heater cartridge ensures that the temperature is uniformly distributed across the flask. Even with the element temperature at 450°C, the outside of the heater cartridge remains “cool-tothe- touch” due to a continuous air flow through ventilation slots beneath and around the rim of the case.

The heating cartridge comes in 3 sizes for heating flasks of 250ml (OMCA0250), 500ml (OMCA0500) and 1000ml (OMCA1000) capacity.

OMCA Controller

Used to control both temperature and stirring speed independently, the OMCA digital controller has a revolutionary CTC (Capacitance Touch Control) panel, which is both easy to read and use, and you can quickly set the required temperature and stir speed using the up/down arrows. The control panel has separate indicator lights for the power, heater and stirrer functions, along with a 2 x 16 digit display indicating the actual temperature from ambient to 450ºC (max element temperature). Stirring speeds from 100 to 2000rpm are obtained by lightly touching the stirrer speed keys.

Data Sheet

Temperature Control

Heating is controlled by a modern state of the art microprocessor, which displays the heat setting as a percentage of the total power. An optional PT100 temperature probe may be used to gauge the temperature of the flask contents more accurately; the temperature probe’s heating is controlled via the temperature feedback circuit and the actual temperature is displayed. The temperature probe operates up to 250ºC.

Ordering Information

OMCA* - Digi-Mantle digital controller for temperature and stirring
OMCA0250* - Digi-Mantle heating cartridge kit (250ml capacity)
OMCA0500* - Digi-Mantle heating cartridge kit (500ml capacity)
OMCA1000* - Digi-Mantle heating cartridge kit (1000ml capacity)
AZ140940 - Temperature probe (thermocouple)
OM0250 - Replacement 250ml Digi-Mantle heater cartridge
OM0500 - Replacement 500ml Digi-Mantle heater cartridge
OM1000 - Replacement 1000ml Digi-Mantle heater cartridge

*Add suffixes: X1 for 115V; X6 for 230V with EU Plug

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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