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Drager X-plore 8000

Challenging workplace conditions demanding reliable solutions:

The Dräger X-plore 8000 offers a new level of intuitive handling combined with intelligent electronics that provides the high degree of safety people need to focus on with the task at hand.


The Dräger X-plore 8000 having to work in tough environments, is essentially, only the most rugged design made for daily use. The Dräger X-plore 8000 features heavy-duty design with rubber protectors and high ingress protection (IP65) against dust and water jets from any direction. The two battery versions incorporating the latest Li-ion battery technology provide power for at least 4 h or 8 h, respectively. Protected air intake openings ensure that sparks or water coming from the front will not be sucked into the filter.


The Dräger X-plore 8000 lets your employees do their job and focus on the task and forget about the PAPR they need for proper personal protection. An optimal distribution of the weight is ensured by its advanced carrying system. A stable and tight connection is provided by the system between a comfort pad that is also available as an option, the belt and the unit through a special adaptor plate. The hose connector featuring a 360° click adaptor is very user friendly. New headpieces are designed for optimal airflow and maximum comfort to avoid unpleasant eye irritation.


Drager X-plore 8000


The unit recognizes the connected headgear and the correct minimum flow rate, automatically selects avoiding leakages and minimizing operational error caused by insufficient flow rates. An optical sensor preventing the use without the filter supports the right display of the saturation of the particle filter at any time. A plug-and-go exchange features the filter system. The acoustical alarm in addition to the optical is also equipped with a vibration alarm in the unit. The entire system features uniform color codes on all exchangeable elements as well as an error-proof hose connector.

Easy to maintain:

The Dräger X-plore 8000 was designed to be practically maintenance free with an efficient cleaning together and a secure operation. This thereby leading to ownership at low cost. The self-adjustment and self-check systems feature advanced temperature and pressure sensor technology to ensure for any environment the right flow rate. The simple and efficient charging system allows rapid charging (under 4h for an empty battery). This unit is designed for fast and easy disassembly for cleaning.

Ordering Information

Drager X-plore 8500 (IP) R59500
Drager X-plore 8000 Standard battery R59565
Drager X-plore 8000 High-capacity battery R59585
Drager X-plore 8000 Standard charger R59580
Drager X-plore 8000 Standard belt R59700
Belt extension for X-plore 8000 Standard belt, 35 cm R59750
Drager X-plore 8000 Comfort pad R59730
Drager X-plore 8000 Decon belt R59710
Belt extension for X-plore 8000 Decon belt, 35 cm R59760
Drager X-plore 8000 Standard hose (for Tight-fitting headpieces) R59630
Drager X-plore 8000 Standard hose (for Hoods) R59620
Drager X-plore 8000 Standard hose (for Helmets and Visors) R59640
Drager X-plore 8000 Flexible hose (for Tight-fitting headpieces) R59610
Drager X-plore 8000 Flexible hose (for Hoods) R59600
Drager X-plore 8000 Flexible hose (for Helmets and Visors) R59650
Drager X-plore 8000 Filter P R SL 6739535
Drager X-plore 8000 Filter A2 6739580
Drager X-plore 8000 Filter A2 P R SL 6739545
Drager X-plore 8000 Filter A1B1E1K1 Hg P R SL 6739555
Drager X-plore 8000 Standard hood, short (S/M) R59800
Drager X-plore 8000 Standard hood, short (L/XL) R59810
Drager X-plore 8000 Standard hood, long (S/M) R59820
Drager X-plore 8000 Standard hood, long (L/XL) R59830
Drager X-plore 8000 Premium hood, short (S/M) R59840
Drager X-plore 8000 Premium hood, short (L/XL) R59850
Drager X-plore 8000 Premium hood, long (S/M) R59860
Drager X-plore 8000 Premium hood, long (L/XL) R59870
Drager X-plore 4740 SI (S/M) R55875
Drager X-plore 4740 SI (M/L) R55874
Drager X-plore 6300 EPDM/PMMA R55800
Drager X-plore 6530 EPDM/PC R55795
Drager X-plore 6570 SI/PC R55790
Drager FPS 7000 EPDM-S1-PC-CR R56502
Drager FPS 7000 EPDM-M2-PC-CR R56310
Drager FPS 7000 EPDM-L2-PC-CR R56503
Drager X-plore 8000 Helmet with visor, white R59910
Drager X-plore 8000 Helmet with visor, black R58325
Drager X-plore 8000 Protective visor R59900
Drager X-plore 8000 Storage box R59690

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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