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Drager X-plore 3300

Experience a new dimension of comfort and safety in respiratory protection: Drager has worked together with users from industry and the skilled professions todevelop a new line of twin-filter respitators. It very successfully combines practicalityof use with comfort. The use of new materials coupled with a modern, attractive design guarantees maximum comfort and user acceptance.

Wherever respiratory protection is needed, e.g. at chemical and steel plants, auto - mobile and shipping industry, maintenance, utilities supply and disposal, Drager X-plore halfmasks can provide you a perfect solution.

Choose from either the low maintenance, economical Drager X-plore 3300 version or the very comfortable and robust DragerX-plore 3500 version for longterm, demanding tasks.

Major features include the “FlexiFit” headcradle, almost unnoticeable under a safety helmet. The innovative X-guided strap-system distributes weight evenly and the "swept-back" design allows for a perfect fit underwelding shields and visors.

Drager X-plore half masks are available in three sizes, ensuring a great fit for different face types. Equipped with a safe and easyto use bayonet connection they are compatible with the extensive Drager X-plore filter range.

Discover the benefits of Drager X-plore for yourself.

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  Easy and safe handling - High level of user safety.
  "FlexiFit" head cradle - The new head cradle provides an excellent fit for any head, also under safety helmets.
  "Low profile" design - The swept-back design ensures an optimal field of vision and fits well
  Strap System - Innovative X-guided strap system ensures an even weight distribution. Easy to adjust for a perfect fit.
  Flexible nose section - Gives more secure seal in the most critical area. Great compatibility with safety glasses and goggles.
  Bayonet connector - Easy and secure filter attachment. Both filters are inserted in a top-down direction.
  New material - Mask body made of “DragerFlex“ material: hypoallergenic, free of silicone, extremely comfortable, and excellent resistance.
  “Drop Down“ harness - By undoing the neck hook, the mask can be removed without removing e.g. a sefety helmet. The inner mask faces the body and remains protected.

Ordering Information

Size Small R55331

Size Medium R55330

Size Large R55332

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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