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Drager Regard Control System

The Drager Regard control system is infinitely flexible and has been tried and tested thousands of times. Individually adaptable to any monitoring task, the modular Drager Regard control system is suitable for SIL 2 systems, the Regard system is also ATEX approved and meets the EMC directive standards.

Simple configuration - A clear system structure is essential and is achieved by the modular construction of the Drager Regard control system. Configuration of the system can be carried out manually through each individual card, as a whole or in groups through the master card, or for even more ease of use, via a USB connection to PC or laptop. The configuration can be saved, compared to find changes or conflicts, or reverted to original configured state.

Flexibility - The Drager Regard control system can be adjusted to individual requirements. Conventional single-channel card systems are possible as well as multi-channel systems with markedly reduced installation costs. The visualisation of measured values and alarm states on a PC with the information transfer via Modbus can also be realised, as well as the integration in process control systems via the Profibus module.

Established system - Single-channel and multi-channel cards are part of the Drager Regard control system product family, along with input and relay modules for mounting on DIN rails and communication cards and communication modules for linking with a PC or higher-ranking systems. Furthermore, there is the option to connect 4-20-mA transmitters, digitally communicating HART transmitters and Polytron-SE-Ex sensing heads. The LEDs on the front plate of the cards provide information on alarm status and failure status. A display will show the current measured value. Measured values and alarm status can be transferred to linked systems via Modbus or Profibus. With more than 240,000 Regard inputs/outputs worldwide it is a well established system.

REGARD 4-20 mA Datasheet
REGARD 8-channel display Datasheet
REGARD Master Datasheet
REGARD Modbus Datasheet
REGARD Optical card Datasheet
REGARD Relay display Datasheet
REGARD SE Ex Datasheet
REGARD configuration software Datasheet

Ordering Information

Dräger REGARD 4-20 mA 4205701

Dräger REGARD 4-20 mA (ATEX) 4606706

Dräger REGARD 4-20 mA (DMT) 4206307

Dräger REGARD 8-channel display card 4206078

Dräger REGARD 8-channel input module 4206079

Dräger REGARD 8-channel card (ATEX) 4206717

Dräger REGARD 8-channel module (ATEX) 4206718

Dräger REGARD HART® 4205900

Dräger REGARD Master 4205702

Dräger REGARD Master (DMT) 4206307

Dräger REGARD Master (ATEX) 4206708

Dräger REGARD Modbus 4205706

Dräger REGARD Optical card 4206085

Dräger REGARD Optical card (ATEX) 4206721

Dräger REGARD Relay display card 4206081

Dräger REGARD Relay module 4206432

Dräger REGARD Relay card (ATEX) 4206719

Dräger REGARD Relay module (ATEX) 4206720

Dräger REGARD SE Ex 4205703

Dräger REGARD SE Ex (ATEX) 4206707

Dräger REGARD SE Ex (DMT) 4206309

Dräger REGARD interface card (incl. configuration software and USB cable) 8322990

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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