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The Drager Polytron 7000 is a gas detector that can satisfy all toxic and oxygen gas measurement applications on a single platform. It is meeting the requirements of the compliance market as well as the high specification requirements of customized solutions. Developed with an innovative modular design, there is now the flexibility to choose and purchase only the features that the application requires. The unit is upgradeable to a higher specification after it has been installed simply by adding modules. This allows the Drager Polytron 7000 to develop in line with changing application requirements.

Intuitive operation - The software menu of the Drager Polytron 7000 was designed in partnership with our customers making it simple and easy to use. The large graphical display uses icons and plain text to show the status of the instrument, and guides the user through calibration and configuration.

Intelligent sensors - Drager Polytron 7000 is able to detect over 100 different gases. Specifically designed for the demanding requirements of a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year stationery gas detection system, the larger DragerSensor are renown for their long life times and superior performance. The embedded sensor memory contains all relevant sensor data. All this enables the use of pre-calibrated sensors, which makes the Drager Polytron 7000 ideal for a virtually maintenance free transmitter.

Communication interfaces - With the Drager Polytron 7000 the communication to the central control system can be selected between 4 to 20 mA or digital options as: HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus H1, PROFIBUS PA or LONWORKS*. With the digital options, the Drager Polytron 7000 can be integrated into any LONWORK*, PROFIBUS or FOUNDATION fieldbus system architecture. Offering the advantage of reduced wiring cost and enabling the remote diagnosis and predictive maintenance functionality for a reliable and flexible communication network.

Software Options - A number of software dongles with different software functionality will customize the transmitter to specific application needs.

Sensor Test Dongle - With this dongle, the Drager Polytron 7000 performs many patented sensor tests to ensure reliability and functionality of the sensor and the gas detection system.

Sensor Diagnostic Dongle - All sensors have a certain life time which can be affected by factors such as gas exposure, temperature exposure and the age of the sensor. Now, with the new sensor diagnostic function in the dongle (including Sensor Test), the stress and remaining life of the sensor is evaluated, and it is possible to predict and plan for a maintenance and replacement cycle.

Data Dongle - Datalogger and eventlogger options are implemented in this dongle, which stores gas values and events such as faults and alarms. Using an IR link with the PDA m515-Ex, the data can be downloaded and evaluated on a PC with the GasVision software. By pushing one button, a graphical 15 minute history of the gas concentration will be displayed on the transmitter screen, for quick evaluation of the current and past situation.

Rugged Housing - The design of the compact durable GRP housing of the Drager Polytron 7000 is dust and water proof with an IP66/67 and NEMA 4 rating. It is verified to SIL 2 specification with unsurpassed RFI resistance.

Relay Module - The Drager Polytron 7000 can be equipped with a relay module to make it a stand alone device with two gas alarms and one fault relay. The relay module forms a part of transmitter, so there is no additional installation cost or wiring to be done. For general purpose use only.*

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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