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Drager Oxy K 30 HW/HS Oxygen Self Rescuer

Oxy K 30 HW/HS should be carried when toxic gases can be present or the atmosphere can be oxygen deficient.

Oxy K 30 HW/HS is an oxygen self-rescuer, independent of the ambient air, which uses chemically-bound oxygen.

A quick starter cartridge provides an instant oxygen supply on donning.

Special features of the hood version: The hood provides head, face and eye protection against smoke and heat. It allows for verbal communication, an important component for leaving dangerous situation. The unit is suitable for people wearing glasses and is easy to don and breath.

Oxy K 30 HW/HS is suitable for use in transportation (railway, hazardous material), shipping, sewage, tunnelling, drilling platforms and petrochemical.

Oxy K 30 HW/HS is up to 10 years free of maintenance and service.

The hood version is available in the two versions:

The wall mounted version (HW) ensures a quick operational readiness. Since disassembly from the wall and opening of the unit will take place in one step. It can be positioned ready for use on walls along escape routes.

The shoulder strap version (HS) can be installed in vehicles or carried by potential users.

Our service to you: We will dispose damaged, opened, used or expired oxygen self-rescuers for you.

Oxy K 30 HW/HS an additional quality product from Drager Safety.


Ordering Information

Oxy K 30 S 6303000

Oxy K 30 E 6301900

Oxy K 30 HW 6304600

Oxy K 30 HS 6304700

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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