Carbolite Controllers

All of the Carbolite furnaces feature three term (PID) control for accurate and stable temperature response and have the option of a choice of programmers (except ELF models).

Meanwhile, all of the Carbolite ovens supplied with PID controllers feature either the economical TLK three term controller with large high visibility digital display and good control stability or, in higher specification models, the 301 three term PID controller.

Information on the range of controllers and programmers is listed below:

Carbolite 301

  A PID controller with a large display mounted behind a smooth wipe-clean membrane.
  Single ramp to setpoint facility Incorporates a process timer function.
  RS232 comms is available as an option at time of order.
  Made exclusively for Carbolite.

Operating Manual

Eurotherm 3216P1

  Made exclusively for Carbolite by Eurotherm
  An advanced setpoint programming temperature controller with 8 segment pairs, each a ramp and a dwell.
  This configuration of a ramp followed by a dwell cannot be altered.
  Provides precise control with an advanced PID control algorithm giving stable straight-line control of the process.
  Power feedback is used to stabilise the output power and henced the controlled temperature against supply voltage fluctuations.
  The controller continually corrects for drift and this gives high stability and rapid response to process changes.

Eurotherm 3216P5

  Like the Eurotherm 3216P1, except that 5 different programs may be stored for later retrieval.
  The programs cannot be linked.
  Made by Eurotherm for Carbolite.

Eurotherm 3508P1

  An advanced setpoint programming temperature controller with twenty segments, any of which may be a ramp, a step or a dwell.
  Housed in a quick release 1/8 din size measuring 48 x 96mm high.
  Features large numeric and text displays to provide additional information of current status to the user.
  Provides the same precise control as the 3216P1 model.

Eurotherm 3508P10 & 3508P25

  Like the 3508P1, but has 10 programs with a total of 50 available segments and 25 programs of 100 respectively. For example, a single program of 50 segments could be created and the programs may be linked.

Eurotherm 2132 or integrated into 301

  Recommended for use on any unit left unattended overnight.
  Housed in a compact 1/32 din size measuring 24 x 48mm wide or integrated into the 201 control panel.
  The additional control unit uses a separate thermocouple and operates a contactor to shut down the furnace in the event of the set temperature being exceeded.
  The adjustability of the limiting temperature means that the system may be set to protect either the furnace itself, or at a lower temperature a valuable load inside.

Carbolite TLK

  Economical PID control.
  Simple to operate.
  No timer, ramp or programmer functions.

Other Controller Manuals

We also have the operating manuals for the following models:

Carbolite 200
Carbolite 201
Carbolite 201NT
Carbolite 300
Eurotherm 808
Eurotherm 2216
Eurotherm 2408
R38 Controller
R38 Offset

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