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With over 100 years of experience, Astell Autoclaves have grown to be one of the leaders of the autoclave and steriliser industry. All Astell Autoclave products are manufactured in Great Britain, yet you can find Astell products all over the world, in both laboratory and medical environments. Astell products are used in a wide range of different industries including water supply testing, agriculture, medical research, pharmaceuticals and many more.

The aspect of safety is one of the paramount trademarks of Astell autoclaves and sterilisers. Over the century of Astell's existence, it has built a solid reputation for providing safe, user friendly products that meet the ever changing and varying requirements of customers. True to the principles of Astell, all of the autoclaves and sterilisers meet the very highest standards of the industry.


Compact Autoclaves (33, 43 & 63 Litres)

Duaclaves Autoclaves (2x 33, 43, 63, 120 & 153 Litres)

E-Range Square Section Autoclaves (125, 216 & 360 Litres)

Swiftlock Front Loading Autoclaves (120, 153, 247, 290 & 344 Litres)

Top Loading Autoclaves (90, 120 & 135 Litres)

Steam Generators

STG Steam Generators 48/72/96 kW

Glassware Driers

Nelldorn Glassware Dryer

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